Unforgettable Pride…      by    Rory Andes

With the chaos of a world enveloped in a global pandemic and a nation in cultural meltdown, I want to remember June and why it’s important to me and those like me… It’s Pride month and I must insist the world knows how blessed my life truly is from the power and beauty of my friends and chosen family in the LGBTQ community. I’ve learned a lot from one of the most important people in my world, a trans woman. If you have ever placed barriers on yourself about doing anything in life, let me clue you into some inspiration… If a woman can fully claim her life, her identity, and her future, if she can begin to forgive her own failures and discover her own remarkable talents, all while in the confines of a “men’s” prison, NOBODY has any excuse to fail themselves. And that is something I feel blessed to witness. It’s not just her, my friends are making new math, overcoming workplace obstacles to rise in positions of leadership, stepping from stereotypical roles to show just how to smash stereotypes. The amazement delivered by the LGBTQ community on a daily basis is sometimes too much to watch. It’s like witnessing human perfection.

It’s Pride month and I’m proud to be an Ally. I’m also reminded that I have a daughter being raised in a same sex home, and I’m proud of the lessons she’s able to witness and the realities she’s understanding about love, too. So while the world falls apart and people are rattled by the future this June, remember the folks who do brilliant things in the here and now in the LGBTQ community. Remember that it’s still Pride month. I know I’ll never forget it…

by Rory Andes

Love is life and I have it for my friends in the community…

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