We’re Equal, As Long As You stay In Your Lane…Right?      by    Ruth Utnage

As long as trans people are still trans and not “real women” or “real men” they should be protected right, so long as they stay in their lane and don’t disrupt the status quo. Right?

As long as Mexicans stay in the Barrio or show citizenship, they’re equal, but separate. Right?

As long as blacks stay in the ghetto or in their neighborhood, their equal, their equality coming through separation from others, right?

As long as nobody has to change anything about how things are done and disrupt my comfortable little perch high above everyone else, I’m with the equal rights mumbo jumbo, right?

Equality isn’t separately unique.

Somewhere some little trans girl is wanting to play volleyball and she can’t because she can’t compete on the level of boys and the girls team says she’s not really a girl. So, screw her, right? Just f**k her? That human being isn’t worth anything because it means someone else having to accept change? God forbid the worst case scenerio happens and that trans girl gets put on the team andp, GASP!!, she’s good! The horror of it all, what’s the world coming to?

White men armed with semiautomatic weapons and bullet proof vests lining the streets is protecting American civility and national interests but black men doing it is a gang, right?


Just wanted to make sure I was reading the situation correctly. Make sure I understood what I’m getting out to.

America, congrats, I’m afraid of you…now what?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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