Needed: Someone To Create A Safe Space For Thought (YOU!!!)   by    Ruth Utnage

I am in need of intellectual stimulation, I’ve been kind of starving for it and there isn’t anyone around me that is willing to “go there” intellectually. I don’t need someone “smart” to speak to, I need someone willing to help create a safe intellectual space where our minds can safely wander without judgement. By phone would be best, because the email system in prison can be delayed sometimes, but we can use the email if you can’t pay for the phone.

I have two quotes from the same author I’d like to begin a conversation about. The author is Paulo Freire and the book they are from is Pedagogy of the Heart. They are:

My radical posture requires of me an absolute loyalty to all men and women.


It is not well to say “things are the way they are because they cannot be different”

These two quotes are in the same paragraph and they caught my attention right away, to the point that I am thinking about how I might apply them in my own life. Where do I live up to these and where do I fall short? Is it possible to be ‘absolutely loyal to all men and women’ in my circumstances? Can I have the best interests in mind of those who feel I shouldn’t exist.

Then there’s the 2nd one, it reminds me of a speech I gave once about the word impossible. So many things in our world have been impossible. Space exploration, sailing around the world ( the world was once flat you know, lol), flying, getting out of prison. I think of impossible instead as “I’m Possible” because impossible only applies to other people, but not me. This begs the question, what have you seen done that was impossible?

Are you willing to go there with me?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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