Stagnation    by    Ruth Utnage

Go to bed.
Watch TV.
Go to bed.

Does that sound like life? It doesn’t sound like life to me. It’s disappointing to think that in order to be ‘normal’ I have to adopt some form of that formula above. I guess I’m going to be a social outcast then because I can’t.

It is hard to go put inna full day of work, which isn’t satisfying, and then go home and work some more towards something. I know. And lately, I’ve been lazier than lazy. Too much anxiety and stress over all the social changes I’m experiencing in here which I know many of you out there can relate too. Loss, disappointment and stagnation. It’s part of life.

A stagnant life is easily fixed but it has to come from within, we ourselves have to initiate that change. We have to get up and do. It’s the hardest thing to be your own source of ‘life’ but it’s the only true cure. If someone else invites you to something you’re now in their ‘life’ and that’s a great start but in order to cure stagnation (and emotions tied to inactivity) we must self-initiate our own ‘life’. Walking into someone else’s is not the same.

So how do we get up when we ‘just don’t have the energy’? You get your body in motion. Do anything. Set a small goal for the day, write it on your mirror. Groom yourself like you’re preparing for a high class event and then go do some task. It could be monumental or it could be small. It could be grocery shopping or writing a novel. Just go. Then plan for that every day and don’t let yourself talk yourself out of it.

Will Smith once said to “do things that are in your own best interest”.

Stagnation is a dream killer. Don’t let it get you.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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