REN831    by    James Cody Goodwin

What can I tell the world about Renee?
where do I begin?
Renee recently left the prison to begin her new life in the free world. A world that is so lucky to have her.
Renee is a boss chick and a rock star. she is a beautiful brilliant lady.
she is a blazing star.
She is my favorite person on the planet earth, the love of my life, my best friend.
I have never been prouder of anyone.
I have never loved someone as much a I love her.
She is the worlds sweetest songbird.
She makes every bad thing that has ever happened to me worth it.
She makes every day worth waking up to, in prison or out.
she displaces the darkness from life’s most confining spaces.
she is my hero.
she is my guardian angel.
Take good care of her, she is my heartbeat.
James Cody Goodwin