One Utopian Sliver    by     Ruth Utnage

One world government ideology doesn’t sound particularly appealing to me. I cannot conceptualize something that governs all as a physical manifestation. But I can conceptualize something that solves a problem for all for all nations. Now I’m about to border dangerously close to sounding like a Socialist, Communist or some type of Neo-Liberal but I think that we can look beyond a political perspective just this once. Let’s pretend (just for a few minutes!) that nobody knows what political parties or ideologies are and we’re simply speaking about the solution to a problem.

That problem is hunger.

Of course there are many problems in our world, but let’s just explore one persons idea to solve one. No hard and fast truths here, only thoughts.

Some places are able to grow only certain types of food. Some places have an abundance of labor to produce certain types of food while others do not. What if, like a World Bank, we had a one world food chain. What if an allotment of food was free to every person everywhere everyday based on a world supply and it knew no borders or politics or money. What is left can be capitalized on for profit or to fund the logistics of such a massive supply chain.

The corn of Iowa and the bananas of Chile, the wheat of Nebraska and the dates of the Mideast, the soy of China and Beef of Texas all get used. Our farmers and growers would be among our most revered world-wide.

Of course there would be logistical dilemmas but we can solve them as we have trains, planes and automobiles. If we can send a warhead into outer space to annihilate a fly in the middle of nowhere back here on earth, we can figure out how to send a meal there instead.

I’m just floating in a pool of thought here with my sunglasses on and an ice cold sun tea with a tiny umbrella and a lemon slice in it. No suggestions of new world order or the destruction of power, just feeding people with a reorganized structure. Instead of creating all of Utopia at the destruction of what we currently know I’m saying maybe we can create one Utopian sliver.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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