Turn Your Phone Off…     by    Rory Andes

One of the most painful evolutions of the current global pandemic is the way news interviews are conducted. I could only imagine that, in our previous world, a show’s producer would schedule a subject to meet at a news studio at a very specific time and conduct hair and makeup before ultimately taking the stage to be interviewed or be part of a panel discussion. Now, with Skype and other mediums being necessary, so much more is taken away from the show’s production crews… to include the reminder to leave the personal cell phone in the Green Room.

I can’t understand (and it drives me crazy) why people won’t turn off their phones while being interviewed, even if from the comfort of their personal homes and offices. To me, why would you schedule time in front of millions of people to prove that you’re that guy that, when we still had them, wouldn’t turn off your phone in the movie theater? But now, instead of being a pain in the ass to just a few people, they’re a pain to the whole viewing populace. Isn’t it bad enough that the lag time between questions and answers are already painful to watch because the miscues from audio transmissions? Here’s a tip from this viewer… if you’re going to be interviewed from home, wait your turn and, definitely, turn your phone off.

by Rory Andes

Chalk another one up to the pandemic… Production Controls!

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