If you’ve never been to prison it’s kind of like getting the pause button hit. 10 years ago, when I fell, Uber wasn’t going to replace taxi’s, autonomous vehicles were still a dream, Craigslist was still credible, and the newspapers had classifieds that people used.

When I get out in a few months I will need to understand how to operate in this new world. I don’t know what replaced the classifieds, I’ve never ordered an Uber, and seeing a car without a driver is seriously going to creep me out.

At work I sometimes have to load a truck, this truck has a lift gate. When I get down off of the lift gate I spend the next 10 minutes holding my stomach down and trying to regain my balance (“sea legs”). From a lift gate. How in the Sam hell am I going to ride in a vehicle?

Everything seems like that, new, a little unsure. Getting out of prison is like rediscovering the world. I get to rediscover everything. Restaurants. Shopping. Friendships. Making money. Walking, running, Tonal and Peloton, Kettle Bells…everything. Including myself.

The classifieds may be all but obsolete, but something is in its place. Can’t wait to figure it out.

With Love